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Brian brings to the collaborating team his expertise and technical knowledge & skills. For over last 25 years Brian has been a major part of ADAL completing successful building designs that were handed over at budget and schedule. Brian has been involved in renovations, alterations, and major assessment of projects which provides greater insight to the kind of project Ranchmen’s Club is intending to embark upon. He has completed from the smallest stores to multi-million-dollar major projects and will provide all the expertise and skills for the Ranchmen’s Club’s renovation, addition, alteration project. Brian brings extensive experience and project management skills to this project.

Brian Dennis

Architectural Technology (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology)

Senior Project Manager


Brian’s major responsibilities are to assist in decision making, overall coordination of all consultants through all phases of the project, monitor upgrade and repair recommendations, quality control reviews and coordination of the client’s requirements with the technical documentation. Brian will be the point man for coordination with City’s approval process for Development Permit and Building Permit processing and Construction Stage administration requirements. He ensures the design, cost and schedules are fully aligned with the client’s requirements.

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