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Arup is known for his excellent Concept design skills nationally and internationally. Last year he was inducted to the coveted Fellowship for his design contribution to the Canadian Built Environment by the Royal Architectural institute of Canada and was selected as one of the 20 top business Leaders in Calgary for his contribution to Calgary. In the last 4 years Arup has won 5 international design awards for his designs. His major role will be to lead the Architectural team and the sub-consultant’s team throughout the initial predesign iterations to the final Master Plan & design development stages of this project providing overall management & coordination of the Construction Contract Drawings to completion of the project.  Ranchmen’s club will receive the relentless attention from Arup for this special project. Arup brings over 40 plus years of experience to bear on this project.


Architect MAAA Life Member, FRAIC, MOAA, MAIBC, MSAA, FIIA, Project Management (Harvard)

Principal in Charge of Design and Management of the project


From the very onset Arup will be focussing to achieve the best and optimum program parameter for the project through his unique skill of design charrettes and iterations combining the skills of his Architectural & Engineering team members. Following establishment of the space program & parameters of the development, Arup will lead the team in collaboration with the Ranchmen’s Club and their appointed team players to finalize the design Concepts for various stages & levels of work and working with his Project Architect & Project Coordinators. Based on the established design for different phases of the Master Plan the Construction Contract Documentation will be completed under his leadership. During Tendering and Construction stages he will provide his high-quality expertise in Project Management skills through his Project Manager and oversee the project’s successful completion. Throughout the entire process, Arup will be providing high quality guidance in achieving the design needed for this project while optimizing cost and value-added contribution to the Ranchmen’s club.

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Due to extensive experience over 40+ years in completing major projects Arup has the ability and resources to put together the best collaborating team needed for the project which is most suitable to produce great results.


In addition, at ADAL, Arup has set up the highest level of communication throughout the course of the projects so that the projects move through the different stages of work seamlessly and fully coordinated with his astute leadership.


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  • Won ‘The Americas Property Awards’ 2014 – 2015 in Retail Architecture Category, Canada and America’s Best from the International Property Awards U.K & listed in Top 5 - In the World – Dubai, 2014 – 2015 for the South Pointe Lexus, Edmonton, Alberta.

  • Won ‘The Americas Property Awards’ 2016 – 2017 in Architecture for the ‘Multiple Residence’ Category, Canada from the International Property Awards U.K. for the Multi-Generational Housing, Calgary, AB.

  • Won ‘The Americas Property Awards’ 2015 – 2016 in Architecture for the ‘Multiple Residence’ Category, Canada from the International Property Awards U.K for Walden Communities, Calgary, Alberta.

  • ​​​​Won ‘The Americas Property Awards’ 2014 – 2015 in Architecture for the ‘Multiple Residence’ Category from the International Property Awards U.K for Callaghan Ravines, Edmonton, Alberta.

  • His designs/proposals have won or been at the final rounds in many major national and international competitions. Mr. Datta is hands on and has been involved in designing over US $3.0 Billion dollars of construction value.

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